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Merci de venir 15 minutes en avance de votre rendez-vous afin de remplir vos fiches d’inscription et médico-dentaire. Alternativement, vous pouvez compléter ces fiches sur notre site sur le lien suivant.Merci d’être muni de votre carte d’identité ou autre preuve d’identité.Uniquement, la première co

INVISALIGN ® Your clear choice for orthodontic treatment

INVISALIGN ® Step into the Age of Wireless Orthodontics!The most revolutionary approach in orthodontics is the clear aligners. The CAD-CAM technology allows us to virtually plan and modify the treatment result in a 3D environment and fabricate a series of personalized custom-made trays, metal-free,

The Forest In Your Mouth – Phenomena: Not Exactly Rocket Science

Michael Fischbach from University of California, San Francisco, who reviewed the new study. “The degree of organization in the community is beyond my wildest dreams. This makes me think plaque is less like a random mixture of bacteria and more like a tissue; organized into sub-structures that probab

Bioactive glass may find use in longer-lasting dental fillings

Currently, composite fillings are made from a blend of polymers and inert glass fillers. As its name implies, though, bioactive glass is notinert. Composed of compounds such as phosphorus oxide, silicon oxide and calcium oxide, it repels oral bacteria that cause tooth decay. More specifically, it is

From jewel-capped teeth to golden bridges – 9,000 years of dentistry

The first and most enduring explanation for what causes tooth decay was the tooth worm, as depicted in the ivory sculptures to the left, which was first noted by the Sumerians around 5000 BC. The hypothesis was that tooth decay was the result of a tooth worm boring into and decimating the teeth. Thi

High-tech dentistry

Modern advancements have made your visit faster, less painful and more precise.Visiting the dentist always seems a little analog (the lead vest for X-rays; the 70s-style overhead light; getting a reminder to floss and a toothbrush on the way out). But a lot of this is becoming passé. Advancements in

3 (and Soon to Be 4) Ways Your Dentist Can Replace Your Missing Teeth

BridgeWe all know what it’s like to lose a tooth. In fact, some of us have even got paid for the loss — thanks, Tooth Fairy!While our baby teeth are supposed to fall out, our permanent teeth are supposed to be… well, permanent. But sometimes life throws us a curveball, and between cavities, periodon